Our Experiences

Courses and practical experience in the greenhouse and vegetable garden

Our Experiences are open to all: guests and visitors. Booking required. Courses and practical experiences can be booked also exclusively for guests staying at the villa, and can be organised inside the villa and the garden.

Participants and companions will have the possibility to visit the organic vegetable garden, purchase fresh and prepared produce, wines and cosmetic products from our line of vegetable-based cosmetics. At the end of the course a buffet lunch will be served, inspired by traditional Tuscan Cuisine, using freshly picked organic produce from the garden, fresh eggs, wine and bread made from traditional grains.

Courses in Tincture and Macerated Oils

Courses in ancient techniques of extracting active ingredients from medicinal plants, beneficial for our health.

During the session, in a simplified manner that is suitable to all, participants will learn how to prepare and use natural remedies beneficial to the health and psychophysical wellbeing of the body.


Courses in the ancient art of weaving and basketry

Playing with nature, exploring and experimenting with the many different nuances and casual geometries in the art of basketry. Branches, canes and straw become material to be woven.

Under the guided expertise of Malo', with years of creative experience in the art of weaving, participants will learn the ancient art of weaving with willow branches and go on to create their own work of art to take home with them


Course in Drawing and Watercolours

Together with Master Pietro Corridoni, painter and art history teacher, it is possible to take lessons in drawing, painting and watercolours. Working under his expert direction to complete your own drawing or painting.

An introduction to the course includes a brief overview of the various techniques used throughout the centuries, visual illustration of the masterpieces of the great artists of the past, and distribution of materials to the participants.


Classes in the ancient art of Pottery

Practical experience in the art ancient of Pottery, where participants will work with the potter’s clay to create their own piece of pottery.

As in 1419 as Filippo Brunelleschi chose terracotta from Impruneta to create the magnificent dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, you too can try the incredible sensation of working this material. Using ancient techniques and instruments that have been used in Chianti since the 11th Century.


Experience in the Organic Vegetable Garden

A unique experience of hand picking seasonal produce direct from the organic garden and collecting fresh eggs directly from our chickens. Accompanied by one of our guides who will illustrate the world of organic farming, and offer suggestions on how to create your own recipes inspired by traditional Tuscan Cuisine.


Experiences - Further Information

For further information or to book one of our experiences please contact us or complete the form below:

David - mobile +39 335.240207, info@tenutadelpodesta.it